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Givbing you the skills to get there and back safely.

It's easy to close your eyes and imagine the family enjoying the unmatched beauty that this great country has to offer. It's even easier to experience it in all its magnificent glory in an organised and facilitated outing. Follow your heart, follow your mind and experience the best Mother Nature has to offer. You know that you belong outside. It's where memories are made.

We offer certificated 4x4 driver training for all makes of vehicles and are linked to certain OEM programs.  If you own a Mitsubishi, Jeep, Mercedes 4x4 with Off Road Pack, Ford Ranger or Everest, VW Amarok, Suzuki or Toyota 4x4, contact us to find out more about the specifics of these OEM programs.  

We are also registered with SANOTA (South African National Off RoadTrainers Association), thus ensuring we are au fait with all the standards required by the government.

We also arrange day trips visiting exotic locations for an adventure that fits the family adventure lifestyle best. Each outing is designed with adventure, learning and excitement in mind for the whole family.

Our outings are designed for all levels of expertise-from raw beginners to seasoned veterans, so it's fun for everyone. Outings are also designed for stock standard vehicles. We cater for 4X2 outings and corporate days too.

Your family will venture to places you would never see from the highway. You'll follow unpaved trails and learn how to properly use your vehicle in challenging off-highway situations. And, perhaps best of all, you'll make lots of new friends who will help you along the way.

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