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WESTERN CAPE - Driver Training and Bush Mechanic Course :. Adventure 4x4 Academy

WESTERN CAPE - Driver Training and Bush Mechanic Course
Date: 31 October 2009 to 1 November 2009

Training level 1 and 2 [accredited by OEM - please refer to our website  To be held at baybelons toren 4x4 [mamesbury] on 31 October and Bush and overland emergency course [no accreditation] 1 Nov 2009 on the same venue. There are 2 chalets sleeping 6 ea and a house sleeping 8.

Please mail me your ID no, drivers lisence as we need to register your course to

NO OPEN FIRES BECAUSE OF FIRE HAZARD - Gas braai welcome and braais in charlets

Training level 1 and Level 2 Combined hosted in cape town

Registration 07h45 - 08h00
Course starts 8am first covering the theory in vehicle operation, Suspension and drive terrain systems, Diff locks and how to use them, Stall starts, water crossings, ascends and decends, conquering obstacles, safety and recovery equipment.

About 12h00 a light lunch and then 13h00 we all go for practical driving of axle twisters, and various terrain conditions. We finish 6pm with braai afterwards.

The whole event is full catered for and thus only need to bring yourself and and your 4x4. We serve cofee/tea throughout the day with muffins/rusks/yougurt for breakfast, Cold meat salad rolls lunch and a braai afterward with all drinks.

We train a Max of 15 trainees on the day to ensure personal service.

All trainees wil receive a certificate on the accredited course we present. Please visit our website for further info. . The course also makes a great gift. All trainees have to be in posession of a valid drivers lisence. No alcoholic beverages will be served during training.

Course fees R1350/ driver and vehicle.
Passengers and co drivers R300/ person.[also fully catered for]
Co driver with full training using the same vehicle R1200/co driver.

Course fees covers training handbook, certificate, track entry fees, food and beverages.

sorry no more than 15 as we go thru a lot of work and will finish very late

Bush Mechanic 20 people [R650]1 Nov
Course material 

You call that a what!!
Component identification

And what does that thingamajing do?
4x4 operation
Drive terrain

Vehicle examination and pre trip inspection
Is there contamination of oil, wheel bearing shot? pipes ok?

Eish, its broken...AA on strike, what now?
*brake pads
*repair brake lines/ blank off
*bleed brakes
*Bleed hydraulics
*atrernator bearings / belt /voltage regulator
*wiring repair
*spotlight wiring
*replacing fuses
*starter issues
Fan belts
*how to tension
*check for damage
*how to replace
*pipe repair and replacement
*Radiator repair
Fuel system
*remove water
*replace filters
*Bleed diesel
*fuel tank repair
*fuel line blockages
Exhaust repair
*closing holes
*check for contamination on diff and fill up
*how to weld using batteries, grind and prepare the job
*identify material 
*repair leaf spring
Fault finding
*car not starting, why?
*prepare broken vehicle for towing
*prepare damaged vehicle for driving

*You have rolled your car!!...WHAT NOW
*I finks my car is a submarien and goes for swimming lesson...How to revive a drowned vehicle! now we are running out of daylight